Public Speaking and Media Work

Inspiring audiences. Telling my story. Sharing the lessons I have learned as life didn't go according to plan.  This is what I enjoy more than anything.


I have been invited to give key note speeches and talks at multiple high profile events including; Carers UK annual conference, RCPCH Annual Conference, Hospice UK Annual Conference, Lewis Headley Memorial Lecture (Institute of Medical Ethics), Great Ormond Street Bioethics Conference, Center Parcs Annual Ball, Together for Short Lives Annual Conference.

By talking about how I responded when life didn't go according to plan I encourage audiences to think about their own finite lives and what is important to them.

Some of the areas I have been asked to speak about include:

Was this in the plan? - how do you respond when life throws you curveballs.

Why it's important to have difficult conversations about death and dying in order to be able to get on living

Conversations between health care professionals and parents of children with complex needs - avoiding conflict, gaining trust

The lived experience of caring for children with complex needs - ethical dilemmas

Talking to children about death and dying

My aim is to inspire, but more importantly to make the audience reflect on what they have heard and how it might apply to their work or life.


I want them to leave determined to change behaviours and reframe how they respond to situations.

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