I have lots of exciting projects in the pipeline including the development of some training courses for medical professionals focusing on communications between parent/carers and medical professionals. I am also working on some  secret projects, all to be revealed later in the year.

I have also been building my freelance writing and consulting portfolio and am working with some exciting new clients to manage their social media and help promote their work.

And, as always, I am very actively involved in supporting the work of the two charities that are closest to my heart; Together for Short Lives and Shooting Star Hospices.

Oh, and there's the small matter of the Stockholm Marathon on June 1st!

Upcoming Events

Where possible copies of my books will be available for sale at events that I attend at a discount

Speaking at: Care After Death Study Day at Shooting Star Hospices

2 July 2019, Surrey, UK

Speaking at: 11th Costello Syndrome Family Conference
Details here

31 July 2019, Baltimore, USA

Speaking at: 6th International Rasopathies Symposium
Details here

3rd August, 2019. Baltimore, USA

Speaking at: Institute of Medical Ethics Annual Lewis Headley Lecture 

20th September 2019, London

Speaking at: Clinically Assisted Nutrition and Hydration Conference

14th October 2019, London

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